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Founded in 1990, The Art Newspaper is an online and paper publication based in London and New York. It provides an unrivalled news service about the art world, fed by its network of sister editions, which together have around 50 correspondents working in over 30 countries, with editorial offices in London, Turin, New York, Paris, Moscow, Beijing and Athens.

The first paper in the network was started in 1983 by Umberto Allemandi in Turin. Anna Somers Cocks founded The Art Newspaper for his publishing house in 1990, and Javier Pes succeeded Jane Morris as editor in June 2016.

The Art Newspaper breaks news across all sectors of the visual arts, from museums and heritage, creation, publishing, conservation and the art market. It also covers developments in law, tax and the political and economic spheres of cultural policy. The Art Newspaper is an investigative paper that looks behind the smooth and bright face of the art world. Because of its expertise and unbiased commentary, it is widely regarded as the journal of record for the sector and its readership is as global as its editorial coverage.

Its reviewers and commentators are major players in the art scene, including, among others: Nicholas Serota, director of Tate; RoseLee Goldberg, founder-director of Performa; Jean-Hubert Martin, former director of the Pompidou Centre; the archaeologist, Colin Renfrew; Venice Biennale curator Robert Storr, and artist Grayson Perry.


Il Giornale dell’Arte, Turin, founded 1983

The Art Newspaper, London and New York, founded 1990

Ta Nea Tis Technis, Athens, founded 1992

Le Journal des Arts, Paris, founded 1994

The Art Newspaper Russia, Moscow, founded 2012

The Art Newspaper China, Beijing and Hong Kong, founded 2013

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