Scenes from the panel for "Earth" in Viola's <i>Martyrs</i> News

For dust thou art

Bill Viola's commission for St Paul’s Cathedral to be unveiled in May (Scenes from the panel for "Earth" in Viola's Martyrs) Published online: 24 April 2014
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Crimea’s looted treasure on the political agenda

Russian attention is turning to the region’s ancient sites, but some doubt whether it will stop the smuggling

Published online: 24 April 2014

UK cracks down on auction rings

New law on joint acquisitions aims to stop market manipulation but could create headaches for dealers

Published online: 24 April 2014

Peter Blake creates digital mural for London's Royal Albert Hall

Huge work will be a montage of performers who have appeared at the famous venue

Published online: 24 April 2014

London galleries show art’s other half

A “substantial” number of women artists are exhibiting in the city this weekend

Published online: 24 April 2014

'Pop-up' Pompidou coming to Mexico?

French culture minister reveals plans for a temporary outpost of the Paris museum

Published online: 23 April 2014

Jordan’s first ‘heritage village’ to be completed this year

Historic houses in Dana have been restored to encourage eco-tourism

Published online: 23 April 2014


Folk art museum to open space in Queens

Planned annexe in Long Island City will be in the same neighbourhood as MoMA QNS

Published online: 23 April 2014

Klimt’s mystery woman unveiled

Experts support later dating after recent conservation work—and little-known portrait will go on show in Vienna for the first time

Published online: 23 April 2014

New tech, new art

Silicon Valley’s success stories are applying their non-corporate ethos to art investment, finding innovative ways of building their collections

Published online: 23 April 2014

Liverpool gallery swaps staff for volunteers

FACT accused of laying off paid staff while recruiting for 70 volunteers

Published online: 22 April 2014


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Alien resurrection

The search for the Holy Grail of video games is due to begin this weekend in what is being billed as “the first archaeological expedition in the gaming era”. Organisers are counting on the fact that American deserts are still one of the best place to find aliens as they prepare to excavate a >>>


Video: The travails of Ai Weiwei

In 2011, the artist Ai Weiwei was arrested by Chinese authorities on charges of posing a threat to national security. He was released 81 days later, but the harassment did not end there. A new documentary looks at Ai’s life following his release and the troubles he has faced since. “I have a difficult life,” he says in the film. “It doesn’t make me weaker or stronger. I just have to face it.”

Provenance research in Germany is not completely dire—but a happy solution is still a way off

Much has been done to return art looted by Nazis to owners' heirs but the momentum has slowed

The life and death of Mike Kelley


Julian Schnabel: Every Angel has a Dark Side, from Friday, 25 April in London

London's Dairy Art Centre is the London contributor to a month of Julian Schnabel exhibitions with “Julian Schnabel: Every Angel has a Dark Side” (25 April-27 July). The artist’s first major solo show in the UK focuses on his paintings from 2000 to the present and is centred around the themes of...