Canada’s National Gallery reopens after Ottawa shootings

A return to normal business after gunman’s rampage put the capital on lockdown

Published online: 23 October 2014

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Musée Picasso reopens après la guerre

Peace terms allows former director to return to organise first hang

Published online: 23 October 2014

Ludwig foundation threatens to take back its donation to Cologne

Works by Richter and Oldenburg hang in the balance until the city finds a second venue for the Museum Ludwig

Published online: 23 October 2014

Pompidou partners with Jumex Collection in Mexico

But the project won’t be a pop-up space, a spokeswoman says

Published online: 23 October 2014

Swedish artists say ‘Pay up’

Smaller state-run museums are failing to follow a rule that requires payment for exhibitions

Published online: 23 October 2014

Spain’s Reina Sofia museum expands north

The institution will take over a space in Santander to house the archive of José María Lafuente

Published online: 23 October 2014


Like two peas in a soup

Visitors to the exhibition “Sherlock Holmes: The Man Who Never Lived And Will Never Die” at the Museum of London (until 12 April) may be...

Jack of all trades

Nearly 100 years after the dissolution of the Jack of Diamonds group, which was formed in Moscow in 1910 and included artists like Mikhail...

Meow-scow here we come

China has panda diplomacy, and, in these turbulent times, Russia has Hermitage cat diplomacy. Last week, Russia’s consulate in New York...


V. S. Gaitonde's return to New York

The Indian modernist painter V.S. Gaitonde (1924–2001) is not very well known in the US. Though he travelled to New York in the 1964 and was aware of Abstract Expressionism, his roots were always in India. By the end of the 1960s, when he was back in Delhi, he became a mentor to a number of younger Indian abstract painters. On 24 October, the Guggenheim Museum in New York opens “V. S. Gaitonde: Painting as Process, Painting as Life,” a retrospective of the artist’s work, introducing his art to a new generation of Americans.