Energy group gives €12m to restore L’Aquila basilica

Mayor of earthquake ravaged town praises Eni for “adopting” the national monument

Published online: 04 September 2014

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Garage saves history of art underground

Moscow museum creates Russia’s first uncensored library of contemporary art

Published online: 03 September 2014

How the slave trade shaped the Baroque

As Catholicism spread across the colonies, slaves and freedmen created a uniquely Brazilian style

Published online: 02 September 2014

Neo-Classical falls foul of Brazil’s love of Baroque

Country seeks to preserve Baroque and Modern buildings but still fails to fund restoration of its disappearing 19th-century heritage

Published online: 01 September 2014

Iraq and Syria’s cultural heritage face new threat from fanatics

Fears grow that social media savvy Islamic State is exploiting monitors’ lists

Published online: 28 August 2014

Egyptian royal jewels found stashed in bank vault

The 246-piece collection made for the Mohamed Ali dynasty, including a 44-carat diamond, will soon go on view in Alexandria

Published online: 28 August 2014


Steet art? Not for me, says Rome’s veteran critic

The venerable Italian art critic and curator Achille Bonito Oliva, best known as the champion of the Transavanguardia artists of the 1970s,...

In a desert far, far away…

At the end of April, visitors to Tunis were shocked to find the city streets overrun with storm troopers, bounty hunters and the worrying...

Secure sleepover

In 1971, Allen Ruppersberg opened Al’s Grand Hotel, a creative space masquerading as a flophouse inn, at 7175 Sunset Boulevard in Los...


Frida Kahlo remembered

A musical tribute to the Mexican artist who died 60 years ago, excerpt courtesy of The History Channel Español