Fakes and copies

Russian art historian on trial over forgery

Andrei Vasilyev claims avant-garde expert Elena Basner and the State Historical Museum both knew the work he bought was a fake

Published online: 26 February 2015

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Tim Burton's 'Big Eyes' takes a long look at art fraud

But the film, which is out on Christmas Day, is not meaty enough for serious art scholars

Published online: 24 December 2014

‘Document dump’ reveals new details in Knoedler case

We highlight some of the previously unknown information found in the thousands of pages of legal documents and exhibits filed last week in Manhattan federal court

Published online: 08 October 2014

To catch an art forger

The documentary “Art and Craft” pits the troubled character who copied art to donate to museums, and the obsessed registrar who tracked him down

Published online: 18 September 2014

Charges made against two men in Russian avant-garde forgery case

The suspects allegedly offers fakes for sale as genuine works by Malevich, Rodchenko and Goncharova

Published online: 18 September 2014

Fakes plaguing Chinese antiques market drive boom in research

Art advisers and dealers have been building private libraries of auction and exhibition catalogues in a bid to plug gaps in provenance

Published online: 26 August 2014


Spot the difference

Copies, forgeries, fakes; practically no one wants them—but only practically. In November 2012, the art critic Jerry Saltz put out a...


How to be a master forger

"Leonardo? He's easy," says the notorious art forger Wolgang Beltracchi in the documentary “Beltracchi: the Art of Forgery”, which opens in German cinemas today. The film shows how the forger duped the international art world with fakes by Max Ernst, Heinrich Campendonk and Fernand Léger.