Brussels fair offers a mixed bag of art surprises, from decomposing head to bronze turtles

International dealers bring an eclectic selection of works to Brafa

Published online: 24 January 2015

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Brooklyn Civil War-era warehouse to host satellite event during this year's Frieze New York

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French antique dealers target younger collectors with new fair

Paris Beaux-Arts to run in parallel with La Biennale des Antiquaires, but will include more contemporary and international galleries

Published online: 11 December 2014

Latin American art has its day in the sun

As US curators look south, collectors begin to take note

Published online: 06 December 2014

Seek and ye shall find

Most dealers are playing it safe but there are surprises in store for the more intrepid collector

Published online: 06 December 2014

Can satellite fairs give artists their first big break?

It doesn’t happen every day, but a sharp-eyed curator’s visit could be a stepping stone to future success

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Yinka's 'dildo' sexes up London Art Fair

Collectors who prefer their art on the erotic side should head to The Multiple Store’s stand at the London Art Fair, which opens to guests...

Shout out to my boy, Sean

You never know when the old-boy network might come in handy. It certainly worked for the dealer James Fuentes when, on the opening day of...

Privacy please

The Raleigh hotel has been at the heart of this week’s party circuit, but that hasn’t necessarily been a great thing for its guests....


Beasts of the beach

It takes something pretty special to get art-worlders out of their beds at 6.30am. But the stalwart souls (including The Art Newspaper's Louisa Buck) who made it down to the beach for yesterday’s sunrise InstaMeet, marking the Miami debut of the Dutch artist Theo Jansen’s kinetic “Strandbeests”, were not disappointed. Although a brisk breeze prevented the largest of the wind-propelled beasties from having an outing, two of his smaller, but no less intricately constructed, specimens scuttled across the sand with an uncannily realistic gait after a little encouragement from the artist, along with a band of helpers from sponsors Audemars Piguet and Salem’s Peabody Essex Museum. For those who prefer a lie-in, “Strandbeests” of various shapes and sizes will be making daily perambulations between 21st and 22nd Streets at 10.30am and 4.30pm until Sunday.