Paris fair sheds its Frenchness

Pinault and Arnault invitation to view Fiac ahead of VIPs pays dividends

Published online: 22 October 2014

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Art Basel and Central St Martins will teach you what to buy in Hong Kong

The Swiss fair and London art school collaborate with the University of Hong Kong on a course for new collectors

Published online: 22 October 2014

Soft fabrics have solid appeal

Textiles have become a must-have medium for museums—and collectors are slowly catching on

Published online: 17 October 2014

Anything London can do, Paris can do better?

French capital mounts a charm offensive in the battle to win collectors’ hearts and minds

Published online: 17 October 2014

Let the video roller coaster ride begin

Ryan Trecartin’s films, created with Lizzie Fitch, trace the impact of technology on modern life

Published online: 17 October 2014

Japanese art finally finds favour in London

Contemporary Japanese artists have struggled to find recognition in London, but that could be changing

Published online: 17 October 2014


Winston van Gogh?

A small, striking painting of a shimmering southern French seascape is proving popular at Richard Green’s Frieze Masters stand, though the...

Dexter the droll

The UK artist Dexter Dalwood is known for his incisive opinions, so it is no surprise to see the 2010 Turner Prize nominee’s droll take on...

Andy lives on

Despite his cult status in the US, the reputation of the late “Saturday Night Live” regular Andy Kaufman has not extended to the UK. But...


14 Rooms: Jordan Wolfson

While the limited spots to see Jason Wolfson’s creepy android dancer in person fill up fast every day, the Beyeler Foundation has a peek at the hugely popular work, (Female figure) 2014, 2014. It occupies one of the spaces in the exhibition “14 Rooms” (22 June), co-organised by Hans Ulrich Obrist and Klaus Biesenbach for which they have invited artists to stage live performance pieces.