Robert Gober speaks in metaphors

The artist gave up his usual reticence at the opening of his MoMA retrospective

Published online: 01 October 2014

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More than a one-night stand

Works from this year’s Nuit Blanche festival in Paris will become permanent installations

Published online: 01 October 2014

Anselm Kiefer, the artist who won’t let us forget

Artist confronts Germany's dark past in Royal Academy retrospective, which has earned glowing previews

Published online: 25 September 2014

Star of David rises over Hitler’s former HQ

Artists rebuild fragments of a former synagogue in Polish castle

Published online: 16 September 2014

Room for reflection

The New York State Museum in Albany recreates families’ memorials to 9/11 victims

Published online: 11 September 2014

Istanbul Biennial curator reveals concept behind 'Saltwater' theme

Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev is enlisting support of oceanographers as well as artists

Published online: 11 September 2014


Not about faeces and death

As exhibition titles go, "Shit and Die" is up there with the raciest of monikers. The exhibition, held in parallel with the Artissima fair...

Aldridge—on the couch

For new insights into Miles Aldridge's images of glamorous, airbrushed women on the edge, head to Sims Reed Gallery in London which is...

Victoria (& Albert)'s secret

A secret space has been revealed at London’s Victoria & Albert Museum, but it will only be open until this Sunday, 21 September. Mystery...


Goths invade the British Library

The (ghoulish?) folks at the British Library would like you to see its latest exhibition, “Terror and Wonder: The Gothic Imagination,” and they are willing to scare you into coming. The video accompanying the show features a small amount of wonder but a large amount of terror, all of which should put you into the right mood for an exhibition looking at 250 years of Gothic influence on culture. The exhibition opens on 3 October—just in time for Halloween—and includes around 200 objects.