Nineveh gate and Mosul museum attacked by Islamic State fanatics

Extremists post propaganda video today showing contents smashed with sledgehammers and drills

Published online: 26 February 2015

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Sinai antiquities museum damaged in terrorist attack

Collection, moved into basement and offsite storage since 2013, survives destruction

Published online: 04 February 2015

‘No one group has done more to put our heritage at risk than Islamic State’

International cooperation is key to shrinking the market for looted art from the Middle East

Published online: 28 January 2015

Unesco chief warns against Islam State’s ‘cultural cleansing’

Speaking in Erbil last week, Irina Bokova compared the forced displacement of Iraqi minorities to “Nazi methods”

Published online: 11 November 2014

Energy group gives €12m to restore L’Aquila basilica

Mayor of earthquake ravaged town praises Eni for “adopting” the national monument

Published online: 04 September 2014

Iraq and Syria’s cultural heritage face new threat from fanatics

Fears grow that social media savvy Islamic State is exploiting monitors’ lists

Published online: 28 August 2014


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