Liverpool gallery swaps staff for volunteers

FACT accused of laying off paid staff while recruiting for 70 volunteers

Published online: 22 April 2014

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Partner of Glafira Rosales arrested amid ongoing forgery case

US authorities have reportedly requested the extradition of the alleged accomplice, who was arrested in Spain

Published online: 21 April 2014

Big ships back in Venice for another tourist season

Italy’s ministry of infrastructure needs to choose an environmentally friendly alternative to allowing cruise ships into the Lagoon within the next three months

Published online: 18 April 2014

Controversial human zoo to be recreated as art project in Oslo

Proposal for the 200th anniversary of Norway’s constitution has met with criticism, but artists say they want to “highlight a forgotten event”

Published online: 17 April 2014

Billboard work taken down after Guggenheim Bilbao complains

The piece is part of an exhibition in Frankfurt by the artists Paul McCarthy and Mike Bouchet, but the Spanish museum considers it a commercial banner

Published online: 11 April 2014

Gay art show to go on in Senegal

Organisers resist pressure to cancel exhibition in country where homosexuality is illegal

Published online: 10 April 2014


But do you really want to put that on your CV?

Godofredo Rodríguez Pacheco is concerned about art education in Chile. And he is also concerned about politics. So he has a proposal: why...

A place for Miami artists

The Pérez Art Museum Miami (Pamm), we were told today in a press statement, is due to present a solo exhibition of new works by the...

Save Rizzoli Books

New York’s Rizzoli bookstore, a midtown Manhattan cultural haven, may soon have to pack up shop and move to a new location thanks to a...


The travails of Ai Weiwei

In 2011, the artist Ai Weiwei was arrested by Chinese authorities on charges of posing a threat to national security. He was released 81 days later, but the harassment did not end there. A new documentary looks at Ai’s life following his release and the troubles he has faced since. “I have a difficult life,” he says in the film. “It doesn’t make me weaker or stronger. I just have to face it.”