Politics not just part of Bienal’s past

This year’s edition aims to prompt discussions about the social and economic problems facing Brazil

Published online: 02 September 2014

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Artist opens art and technology school in Rio favela

The Escola do Vidigal is the latest step in the Vik Muniz’s plans to overhaul the Brazilian education system

Published online: 01 September 2014

The ones who slipped through the net

An insiders’ selection of artists less well-known in the West

Published online: 01 September 2014

Women lead the way

Unlike their Western counterparts, female Brazilian artists are at the forefront of the market

Published online: 01 September 2014

Norwegian artists plan to open art academy in North Korea

Exhibition organised with North Korean government planned for next year

Published online: 28 August 2014

Secretive North Korean artist’s show cancelled in Beijing

Sun Mu’s controversial political works inspired by propaganda imagery may have been censored

Published online: 19 August 2014


Monty Python's giant dead parrot lands in London

Londoners are more used to seeing pigeons in the UK capital, but a 50ft-long fibreglass model of a dead blue parrot has been installed on...

Chick rock

Producers looking to spice up a track are more likely to invite T-Pain or Pharrell to contribute than Yoko Ono. But the Fluxus artist and...

Richard Long’s hike through the Andes

“All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking,” Nietzsche said. The same is true of Richard Long’s art. The British land-art...


"An intimate of black life"

The black South African photographer Ernest Cole is best known for his pictures taken during the country’s 46-year official period of apartheid, which segregated the white and black populations. In this video, his white countryman and fellow photographer David Goldblatt discusses Cole’s importance. “Ernest Cole: Photographer” opens at the Grey Art Gallery in New York on 3 September.