Antiquities and Archaeology

Crimea’s looted treasure on the political agenda

Russian attention is turning to the region’s ancient sites, but some doubt whether it will stop the smuggling

Published online: 24 April 2014

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Italian collector’s ‘private museum’ seized by police

Antiquities worth an estimated €150m were taken from a villa outside Rome

Published online: 11 April 2014

Looted marble Mask of Gorgon returned to Algeria

Artefact found in Tunisia beside the swimming pool of the ousted president’s family

Published online: 11 April 2014

Assyrian stele withdrawn from auction

Experts concerned that it may have been illicitly removed from Syria

Published online: 02 April 2014

US foundation digs deep to fund Israel’s archaeology library

The Mandel National Library and Archives is part of a $80m campus dedicated to the field

Published online: 02 April 2014

Colossal kings rebuilt in Luxor

Two towering statues of Amenhotep III had lain in pieces for centuries

Published online: 02 April 2014


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