Antiquities and Archaeology

Antiquities forgery makes for not-so-divine comedy at Sundance festival

“Don Verdean” is the story of a biblical archaeologist who decides, if you can’t find it, fake it

Published online: 02 February 2015

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Tut-tut: Cairo museum relocates head of restoration after ‘botched’ Tutankhamun repair

Illham Abdel Rahman moved to museum in Bulaq

Published online: 28 January 2015

MP leads campaign to stop Islamic State funding terror through trafficking

UK and US collaborate to cut off one of group’s top revenue streams

Published online: 28 January 2015

Archaeologists shake off their shovels at Bard’s last home

Public invited to watch as dig resumes in Stratford-upon-Avon

Published online: 22 January 2015

Egypt reopens tomb as tourism falls

Minister increases public access in attempt to reverse post-revolution slump

Published online: 18 December 2014

Syria and Iraq’s neighbours can help contain the looting

Securing the borders of the two war-torn countries could hamper the antiquities smugglers

Published online: 18 December 2014


Puff puff pass—and paint?

It appears as if ancient artisans had some, ahem, help in creating the abstract paintings found at dozens of rock art sites in Dripping...

Dracula behind bars

We don’t tend to feel sympathy for Vlad the Impaler. He is known, after all, as an impaler. But before he became synonymous with barbarous...

iBook of the Dead

Don’t you hate it when you find yourself inside an ancient tomb without the appropriate dictionary to translate the hieroglyphs on the...


Tour the Amphipolis tomb

The media frenzy around the discovery of a massive and richly decorated tomb in Amphipolis, near Serres shows now signs of slowing down, especially since a skeleton was found at the site last week that is believe to be on of Alexander the Great’s generals. To appease the insatiable archaeology fans, this weekend, Skai TV and the newspaper Kathimerini released a 3D animated tour of the tomb, showing the treasures archaeologists have uncovered so far: two sphinxes, two caryatids and an intricate floor mosaic.