Islamic State extremists hit 3,000-year-old city of Nimrud with bulldozers

Militants attacked the ancient site a week after vandalising museums in Mosul and Nineveh

Published online: 05 March 2015

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Australian artists storm Venice

The country’s new national arts policy prioritises international exposure

Published online: 05 March 2015

Better digs for Liverpool’s mummies

The World Museum has won a £300,000 grant to expand its ancient Egypt gallery

Published online: 05 March 2015

Russia’s Gulag museum to shut down after clash with regional authorities

The closing of Perm-36, the country’s only historic site to commemorate Soviet repression, marks one of several recent battles over culture

Published online: 05 March 2015

Van Dyck self-portrait reconfirmed as genuine

Artist’s gold chain provides clue that work in Minneapolis is an original

Published online: 05 March 2015

Russia’s financial crisis has knock-on effects on cultural projects

Formerly wealthy patrons and investors are pulling funding from art ventures for which there is little government support

Published online: 05 March 2015


Forbes’ Rich List includes art patrons and collectors

There are some familiar faces on Forbes’s latest Rich List. Among the top ten—well...

Robotic reunion?

Has Hans Ulrich Obrist, the co-director of London’s Serpentine Galleries, been missing that dirty dancing android that he brought to the...

Art handpicked by Hitler finds better home in Boston

Fourteen treasures once destined for Adolf Hitler’s unrealised Führermuseum have found a far happier home: the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston....


Tour the Amphipolis tomb

The media frenzy around the discovery of a massive and richly decorated tomb in Amphipolis, near Serres shows now signs of slowing down, especially since a skeleton was found at the site last week that is believe to be on of Alexander the Great’s generals. To appease the insatiable archaeology fans, this weekend, Skai TV and the newspaper Kathimerini released a 3D animated tour of the tomb, showing the treasures archaeologists have uncovered so far: two sphinxes, two caryatids and an intricate floor mosaic.