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Christian Jankowski takes a techno turn with Manifesta music video

Watch out Kanye, here comes Christian Jankowski. The artist and curator of Zurich’s Manifesta Biennial (until 18 September) recently dropped a hot summer 80s-inspired track and music video based on the exhibition’s theme: What People Do For Money. Commissioned from the Berlin “techno tenderness” band The/Das, the über-catchy song features a memorable chorus, with lyrics like: “A great deal of money… And pots of money… and heaps and bags of money… money has no smell… Lotta lotta lotta money… bankrolls of money…” The lo-fi video guest stars Jankowski—and features “Mr Grabby”, a mechanical pick-up tool—interacting with various well-heeled visitors at the biennial, with the two-man band acting his entourage and bodyguards. We can’t wait to hear the full album.

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