Issue 251 - November 2013

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US recluse gives £20m to London college Free

The School of Oriental and African Studies aims to train the future cultural leaders of Southeast Asia

Bacon estate says lover’s brother sold fakes

New details emerge in British courts about disputed drawings that first emerged in Italy

Warhol or not? It’s a numbers game Free

Do you own one of the 35 works on our list that were once deemed to be not by Warhol

Philly schools art sale halted

But questions remain about the value and condition of works that once hung in the city’s public schools

Church’s great art sell-off continues

Valuable paintings and artefacts owned by Anglican churches are being disposed of on a regular basis—and the rules are not always being followed

How long can street art last?

Landmark legal battle over New York’s 5Pointz graffiti complex could set precedent for protecting works

Bloomberg out, arts funding in doubt

The mayor of New York spent $3bn on cultural projects, but his successor may not be as generous

US recluse gives £20m to London college

The School of Oriental and African Studies aims to train the future cultural leaders of Southeast Asia

Heirs reject provenance project

Jewish dealer Alfred Flechtheim’s relatives say participating museums are not dealing satisfactorily with restitution claims

Calatrava ‘thrilled’ with major Vatican show Free

An exhibition of the Spanish architect follows the Holy See's first pavilion at this year’s Venice Biennale

Contemporary art savaged by culture boss

Russian minister Vladimir Medinsky criticises work in Moscow Biennale as “incomprehensible”

Little man with huge potential Free

Ancient figure could provide clue to the development of writing

Solid start to Shanghai show

New biennial takes over post-industrial zone

Art Market

London market is pushed to its limits

During an intense season of fairs, satellites, auctions and gallery shows, buyers found it difficult to focus

Shows they can’t sell Free

Why some commercial galleries think it’s worth putting on exhibitions of borrowed work

Bonhams spots theft from caliphs’ tomb

London expert alerts Egyptian authorities

Guide to top Brazilian artists angers dealers Free

Three galleries represent more than half of the artists in the book

Disaster coverrises after Sandy

Premiums have risen by up to 20%, with contingency planning now a requirement

A good time to be young

Youthful collectors, and even younger artists, took the lead during the Frieze week auctions

Big works, small prices

Christie’s auction of Saatchi’s works disappoints, despite records for some artists

Boyle Family of artists gets gallery Free

Reclusive group that has existed in bohemian vacuum is now taking commissions

Viva Italia!

Record auction results prove there is a voracious appetite for post-war Italian art

A golden moment for Melotti Free

Renewed international interest in the work of the Italian sculptor

In love with Paris again?

An increased number of foreign visitors to the 40th edition of Fiac reflects the city’s possible re-emergence as an art market centre

Low noise, high quality

It might not be May, but there is still a lot of serious market activity going on during the October season

Christie’s rolls out red carpet for Shanghai

Auction house puts on the ritz for its first sale on the mainland, but event had more style than substance

More overseas galleries means Artissima grows

The fair fights the economic climate with a wide programme of events in Turin


Towers to tell the time to pray

This important study on minarets has been significantly revised and is now the authoritative book on the subject

Portrait of the collector as a bankrupt and a womaniser

Prince Nicholas II Esterházy's passions cost him his fortune but gave Hungary a fine collection of art

Robert Motherwell, the master mediator

The catalogue raisonné shows that there was much more to the artist than his “Elegies”

Hanging on to power

How Christina of Sweden managed her image after her abdication

A collection not to be sniffed at

The long-awaited, detailed and scientific catalogue of the gold boxes, largely used for snuff, in the Wallace Collection in London

The Huntingtons, their money and their art

The family behind the Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens

Anglo-Catholic imperialism

A history of Anglican Gothic architecture in the British Empire

Haven’t we been here before?

The past in contemporary and Modern art

Not just the man with the prize

How Joseph Pulitzer’s collection, friendships and loyalties helped lay the ground for a wider acceptance of Modern and contemporary art

What is a museum worth?

An overly theoretical examination of the value of museums in the public sphere


A blight on the art world…

A symptom of the market’s growth and globalisation—or a disease? The proliferation of art fairs divides the experts

The Armory shows—then and now

There are interesting parallels to be drawn between the groundbreaking exhibition 100 years ago and its contemporary namesake

Letter to the editor: where are the 35 'fake' Warhols later reassessed as authentic? Free

The Daily Telegraph's chief art critic, Richard Dorment, wants to track down works


Journey at Snail’s pace Free

Matisse’s huge and heavy collage, which has not moved for 50 years, may travel by sea for New York show

Dior to fund Versailles makeover Free

Fashion house to help restore Marie Antoinette’s rustic hideaway, where the French queen enjoyed the simple things in life

LA through French eyes

Lacma restores films by Agnès Varda in run-up to major show on the landmark film-maker and visual artist

Who shot Charles I? Free

Tate finds 370-year-old bullet holes in gilded-bronze statue of the executed king

Luxor builds new tomb for King Tut

Egyptian authorities aim to preserve original chamber by diverting tourists to €500,000 replica



Putting it on: Performa takes over New York Free

The New York biennial explores performance art’s history from the Renaissance to the present

Putting it on: Performa takes over New York

The New York biennial explores performance art’s history from the Renaissance to the present

Back to the future

The place of archaeology, “retrospection” and history in the work of contemporary artists

American art on a plate

A nation’s attitude to food and drink is revealed by the way they have been depicted by artists

MoMA mia! Genzken gets a US show

German artist’s first major US retrospective presents career of constant reinvention

The first shopaholics

The birth of the middle class in Georgian Britain was accompanied by a wave of consumerism and luxury

The power of paper at the palace

Prints and drawings from the Royal Collection by Castiglione, the turbulent Italian rival of Rembrandt

Small is beautiful

Exhibition throws new light on a once acclaimed, but now forgotten artist

Turner goes to sea at last

National Maritime Museum exhibition of 120 paintings is the first to focus on his enduring love of the sea

Two come home to Hamburg

Eva Hesse and Gego, who both fled Germany in the 1930s, feature in parallel shows at their native city’s Kunsthalle


The battle over Beuys

Let’s admit it: without the artist to explain and animate his work, much of it is incomprehensible.

Modern masters put in a global frame

Art world looks to artists from outside the traditional Western centres.

The amateur army protecting Britain’s art

A balloonist’s archive, couture gowns and Rodin’s letters—all in a day’s work for a volunteer.

Revisiting Antonello da Messina

Seven years is a short time between major retrospectives, but not if one curator thinks another missed a trick

Enter stage left Ryan McNamara

Ahead of Performa, the artist discusses rehearsals, choreography and the internet.


Doing it for themselves Free

Texans have always been an independent bunch, and private individuals are funding a cultural boom


Singular visions

Individuals with big ideas, deep pockets and a strong philanthropic drive have shaped the cultural landscape in Texas

The last art seen by JFK before his assassination

An exhibition recreates an ad-hoc show staged in a Fort Worth hotel room in 1963

Artists go back to the land

Travelling residency leaves no stone unturned in search of inspiration

Texans consume art—but do they produce it?

The state’s institutions and residencies are first-rate, but its art schools and market are lagging behind

The economics of Marfa Free

Tourism revenue is needed, but are locals being priced out of the area?

Museums’ impact on kids is Crystal clear

Report prompts Arkansas museum to expand programme of free tours.


How smart can the BBC be?

A television survey of Australian art highlights the limitations imposed by the need to build ratings

The Kabakovs’ aesthetic shines through this story Free

New documentary on the Russian-American artist couple starts two-week run at New York's Film Forum


War over Alexander the Great to rumble on Free

Skopje museum plans sculpture of the Macedonian king and other famous ancient figures

Room with a view tops off Tate Britain’s revamp Free

Penelope Curtis, the gallery’s director, aims to accentuate the strengths of the collection and the building

Australian billionaire digs geographers out of a hole

Royal Geographical Society sells Australian art worth £3.5m to Kerry Stokes, subject to export licence

Kenwood’s US tour pays off Free

North London mansion to reopen after a £6m repair and redisplay project

Troubles at El Museo del Barrio Free

Since its $35m expansion, New York’s museum of Latino culture has fired a director and lost senior staff

US round-up


US round-up

Los Angeles

US round-up

New York

Kimbell puts own collection first in its new pavilion Free

Chicago’s Modern masters grace the Fort Worth museum’s Louis Kahn-designed Modernist gem

Money worries at Pompidou-Metz

President of the Centre Pompidou holds emergency talks with regional politicians after reserves depleted to balance the budget

Church of the Romanovs restored

Hermitage reunites religious artefacts, including revered icons, and will allow the devout to pray before them

Hermitage branch continues to take shape Free

Rem Koolhaas's designs for open store and conservation centre approved, construction to be completed in 2018

Launch (museum) satellites, says Putin Free

In an off-the-cuff remark to the country's culture minister, Russian president calls for regional centres to show national collections

End of the dark age is in sight Free

The National Museum in Baghdad could reopen next year and a new Basra Museum may be unveiled in 2015

To Australasia and beyond

Director of Queensland museum aims high with pan-Asian partnerships and international touring shows