Issue 249 - September 2013

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Scalpers sell fake tickets for V&A's Bowie show Free

Around 50 fraudulent tickets were sold on the internet for the popular museum exhibition

Egyptians tweet to save their heritage from looting Free

Public mobilised to protect sites as experts express increasing concern about organised pillage

Motherwell foundation supports Sandy survivors Free

Proceeds from selling exhibition to benefit relief fund and arts education in Brooklyn

Guilty plea over antiquities Free

Suspect admits falsifying provenance of Egyptian items offered for auction in London

Hundreds of national museum workers on zero-hours contracts

Questions raised about the ethics of employment terms usually associated with discount stores and fast-food chains

Miami fairs face casino challenge

New report says gambling could make Florida “less attractive”

An alternative room of one’s own Free

Matthew Day Jackson is the latest big-name artist to bankroll his own gallery

While we were away...

The Art Newspaper does not publish an August edition (although our website remains active during the break), so here is our round-up of the art world’s big stories this summer

Museums hunt for Jewish dealer’s art Free

Exhibition and database help search for works missing since Alfred Flechtheim fled Nazi persecution

English Heritage to be split up

Reforms mean a charity, moving towards self-funding, will run historic buildings, with state-funded agency to manage built environment

Art Market

London dealer opens showroom in New York Free

The 64th Street space will not be used for public exhibitions though

French trade warns of VAT ‘disaster’ Free

Proposed hike on tax for works of art imported into France would undermine the country's standing in the global market

Challenge to De Chirico authentication board Free

The artist’s own backdated paintings add to his market’s complexities

Crumbs for Cork Street’s art

Some dealers can stay, but fewer spaces for art in council-approved redevelopment forces others out

Jury’s still out on Amazon Art Free

Skate’s report says online platform could “conquer the art market”, but there are serious flaws in the research

Why the rise of Christopher Wool? Free

Artist’s market booms as buyers aggressively chase limited supply of best works

Fairs without dealers could make sense Free

Director explains why this month’s United Art Fair is moving away from the ‘boxy booth’ model

China puts on its best tax-friendly face Free

Cultural free-trade zones and freeports are intended to bring in more foreign art business

Gateway to the Middle East

Istanbul’s new fair organisers are undeterred by recent protests


The marks of distinction

Market forces partly explain why the art of Jan Brueghel the Elder, Jacob Jordaens and Gabriel Metsu diverges in style and content

An essentialist in a world of relativists

Arthur Danto explains why what you see is not what you get

The outstanding sculptor of her age

Unrepentantly figurative in an era of abstraction, the late Elisabeth Frink is only now coming into her own

Art’s first female Modernist

This biography uncovers the world of the innovative German painter Paula Modersohn-Becker

Landscape to Sculpture: John Bridgeman 1916-2004

M.A. Michael, ed Leamington Spa Art Gallery, 127pp, £4 (pb)

Poets as painters, painters as poets: it’s all in the mind

How Shakespeare took the “ut” out of “ut pictura poesis”


The great British sell-off continues Free

With penalties limited, public opposition may be the best way to stop politicians casting an acquisitive eye over collections

The immorality of using Detroit’s art to bail out bankrupt city Free

Even if it proves legal for the city’s emergency manager to sell paintings in the Detroit Institute of Arts, there is a moral case to consider


Unesco warns Italy over Pompeii Free

Report says site will be put on “World Heritage in Danger” list if progress is not made—but some experts say findings are overly critical

Race to digitise world’s heritage Free

Non-profit organisation has big plans to gather data from 500 sites over the next five years

Early Van Gogh drawing revealed Free

Sketch was made while he was learning to be an artist and living in coal-mining region of Borinage


Out of Picasso’s long shadow

A Georges Braque survey at the Grand Palais in Paris pays overdue attention to the other founder of Cubism

Express to the Orient

The influence of Eastern culture on early 20th-century Russian art

Moore made Bacon sizzle

This show compares the two artists, revealing that the painter even asked the sculptor for lessons

Cold case: Mendieta sheds her past

For years, the work of the Cuban-born artist has been overshadowed by her mysterious death

The power of both sexes

Forrest Bess’s paintings are shown alongside his “thesis” on hermaphroditism for the first time

Flemings first

How Flemish artists shaped the Italian Renaissance

Magritte’s image change

The Museum of Modern Art’s show of René Magritte’s early works aims to save him from overfamiliarity


The smuggling scandal that’s ready to erupt

The Metropolitan Museum may not be the last institution to return looted sculptures to Cambodia. By Vincent Noce

Pierre Huyghe creates a buzz in Paris Free

The French artist’s first major retrospective at the Centre Pompidou features bees, spiders and a dog.

Luminaries of Italian design

Three men helped the Milanese glass company Fontana Arte change the face of 20th-century lighting. Now Franco Deboni has illuminated their story.


Big, bold and banking on tomorrow Free

The South American giant has staked its place in the economic super-league. All it needs to do now is modify its tax laws, clamp down on corruption and oversee two global sports fiestas. No problem?

The two faces of Rio

As money is poured into cultural projects, can the Samba city keep its natural rhythm?

Gallery’s street-party celebration

The Rio gallery A Gentil Carioca marks its tenth anniversary with the opening of a third space

Women lead the way Free

Unlike their Western counterparts, female Brazilian artists are at the forefront of the market

Strina gallery turns 40 and aims for the moon

The owner of the São Paulo gallery has high hopes for the next 40 years

Take it to the streets

Brazilian street art has a longer and more political history than in the West

The ones who slipped through the net Free

An insiders’ selection of artists less well-known in the West

Spraying in Frankfurt

The Shirn Kunsthalle invites Brazilian street artists to paint the town

Street art at Olympic site

The Art Rua festival sets up camp in Brazil’s future Olympic Village

Beyond the borders Free

The museums that proclaimed Brazil’s art and artists to the world

Growing art in the heart of the jungle

Inhotim to break ground on its largest exhibition space to date

Boom or bust?

This month’s ArtRio fair is critical in determining whether the country’s art market has neared its peak

Taxes: what the state takes when you buy art Free

Taxation is the tail that wags the dog in Brazil

Brazil’s leading galleries Free

São Paulo is home to the vast majority of major galleries

Different ways to crack a nut

From employing local agents to opening pop-up spaces, dealers are angling to break into the market

Art-fund confidence

The founders of Brazil’s largest art investment vehicle are optimistic, despite the country’s weakening economy

A Brazilian in New York

Most artists have hard-luck tales about making it to New York, but few involve bullet wounds


Public spaces, private lives Free

Two new films use art-world settings to explore barriers to communication


Washington museum builds cultural collection of black America Free

Curators of the Smithsonian’s new African-American history museum reveal art they’ve acquired so far

Fight for Detroit’s art begins

Director of art museum in bankrupt city steels himself for long battle as price tags are put on greatest works

Art sale to plug pension deficit Free

Royal Geographical Society pins hope on mystery Australian buyer to solve £3.5m financial headache

Art collection at stake in row between museum and charity Free

Foundling Museum’s board of trustees sacked and paintings by Hogarth and Gainsborough under threat

Baghdad beckons Zaha Hadid? Free

Ministry and Iraqi-born architect tight-lipped about billion-dollar plan to build new national museum

Koç art empire to expand with Istanbul space Free

Family foundation hires London architects Grimshaw Architects to design contemporary art museum

Self-reflection in Shanghai

Combination of contemporary and traditional art draws crowds to long-awaited Himalayas Museum



Guggenheim’s guiding light

Over 27 years, Thomas Messer transformed the Guggenheim from a kunsthalle to a major museum