Sharjah looks East, and West Free

Biennial embraces divergent ways of seeing the world, despite growing censorship in the Gulf

Warning over Qatar’s human rights record Free

UK museums’ close ties questioned after poet imprisoned for 15 years

In The Frame

Gangnam Style at Tefaf Maastricht, Saudi prince Alwaleed Bin Talal haggles with Forbes rich list, and more news from the art world

Canada under pressure over potential Nazi loot

Montreal museum returns painting amid growing calls to fund provenance research and return disputed works

Double dip for US funds

Museums hope stock-market rally continues after value of their endowments dropped last year

City altarpiece in unholy row

Despite protests from eminent art historians, St Stephen Walbrook seems determined to sell its masterpiece by Benjamin West to the US to fund repairs

Art for Doha’s new airport Free

Dealers are bound by confidentiality agreements, but conversations are under way with major European and US artists

Restitution to get harder in California?

Potential changes to state law could affect claims relating to Armenian massacres

US fails to tackle art crime

Experts call for full-time unit to take on lucrative illicit industry as drug smugglers get in on the act

China gets creative with copyright Free

International plagiarism case shines a spotlight on the country's ineffective laws protecting artists’ work

Siena’s cultural organisations threatened by banking scandal Free

World’s oldest bank receives $4.1bn bailout, leaving its formerly generous foundation with little to give

Was Hungarian star artist an anti-Semite?

Row over whether “blood libel” painting is by Mihaly Munkacsy

The major world religions in the Louvre Abu Dhabi

The museum, due to open in 2015, shows its second round of purchases

Artists and architects pay homage to Brazilian Modernist Free

Hans Ulrich Obrist opens show in Lina Bo Bardi's “Glass House” in São Paulo, plans next exhibition at Calder house in America

Art Market

Hirst catalogue tots up 1,400 spots Free

Trade divided over whether publication will enhance or undermine the value of the artist’s signature works

Try before you buy Free

Internet-based business that lends art to would-be buyers proves a hit

Museum shows fund’s works

Russian art investment group loans Briullov works to the Pushkin—a move that is likely to raise their value

Chelsea's future in question after New York flood map is redrawn Free

The district's art galleries face spiralling insurance costs or may find it impossible to buy coverage

Not a black-and-white issue Free

Museums are buying African-American art to make their collections more representative, but the market remains lukewarm—for now

Who’s the fairest of them all?

Fair and event organisers took different approaches to showing in New York

Not just one direction for Art13

The new London fair presented a global view of the art world, with a wide variety of works on show

A snow but steady start to Maastricht fair

The blizzards may have nudged down the opening visitor numbers, but some strong early sales were made

Are two fairs better than one?

The coincidence of two of Europe’s longest-established fairs can make for tricky planning in a busy season. But separating them could be bad for business


Attendance survey 2012: Tour de force show puts Tokyo on top Free

Dominance of Modern and contemporary art shows challenged by Dutch Old Masters as they tour the world, starting in Japan

The rush to the box office Free

Museums are feeding an addiction for shows that put works of art at risk and allow visitors no time to reflect

Corporate sponsors play it safe Free

The economic downturn has forced a more strategic approach to arts spending

How long can Brazil’s exhibition boom last? Free

The country’s growing economy, new middle class and tax incentives for sponsors has resulted in record-breaking attendance figures. But the future of its blockbusters is uncertain

They were hits without a big name in the title

Visitors flocked to religious art, bronzes and Misia, queen of Paris


Museums in metamorphoses

Two histories of the development of the first public art institutions in Europe

Sargent even further afield

This volume of the complete works includes watercolours of the landscapes of Spain, Norway, Jerusalem, Syria and North Africa

From plumbers to painters

The story of the East London Group told at last

Blood, love and paint

A triple biography of George and Joanna Boyce and Henry Wells

Reflections on the high life in Venice

Stories from La Malcontenta and its impressive guest list


Debate shows antiquities question far from settled

Our front-page story last month about the Association of Art Museum Directors’ new guidelines provoked heated debate. Here, leading experts give their divergent views

Debate shows antiquities question far from settled

Our front-page story last month about the Association of Art Museum Directors’ new guidelines provoked heated debate. Here, leading experts give their divergent views


Colour restored to Vatican’s Raphaels

After more than a decade, restoration of the monumental fresco cycle has finally been completed

Under Ernst’s surface

Technical analysis could reveal secrets of rare plaster sculpture

Whisky aids Arctic base

Replica of Shackleton’s tipple to fund preservation



Snatching back the past

Images of Thatcher’s Britain prove topical on the shortlist for this year’s Deutsche Börse prize

Stingel prettifies Pinault’s palazzo

The Italian artist has selected his own works to fill the entire space

Thank-you gifts for Jesus Christ

An exhibition of votive offerings from European monarchs to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem

Ancient island culture

Europe’s largest ever exhibition of indigenous, pre-colonial Filipino artefacts

From Cambodia to New York

A season of art from the Southeast Asian nation will examine old wounds and build new bridges


Heritage caught in the crossfire

From Macedonia to Mali, the culture of the Islamic world is in an ideological and territorial struggle


The end of television?

BBC’s Louvre documentary fails to leave a mark, while museum’s YouTube channel pulls in the viewers


Mosque conversion raises alarm Free

Christian art in Byzantine church-turned-museum is at risk after controversial court ruling

New kid on Mexico City’s millionaire row Free

The Jumex Collection nears completion next to Carlos Slim's museum

Road map agreed to return Benin bronzes—on loan

Leading institutions absent from meeting in Nigeria to foster international co-operation

Latin partners wanted

US and Latin American curators will work in tandem to create a sequel to Pacific Standard Time

Home sweet (temporary) home in Brazil Free

Designs sought for museum that won’t be built

A wonder of the world born again

The spectacular Kunstkammer of Vienna’s Kunsthistorisches Museum reopens

Europe’s wandering biennial to manifest in St Petersburg

By hosting Manifesta 10, the Hermitage will strengthen its commitment to contemporary art


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Goya specialist and music lover, who had a deep affection for Spanish art, history and culture