Issue 266 - March 2015

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Artists said no to Degas's Little Dancer Free

Why Henry Moore objected to the Tate's purchase

Art market jitters over financial turmoil Free

Nervous investors have rushed to safety in gold and the Swiss franc but art looks more volatile

Kapoor in Japan Free

Mobile space for disaster-hit region

Paintings missing after Oslo bombing Free

Some buildings damaged in the attack contained works by artists including Munch and Dolven

Ofili’s first dung works discovered Free

Paintings donated on African trip in 1992 urgently need conservation

Plans for Ground Zero Islamic centre stalled Free

Original proposals for a 15-storey building have been scaled back amid opposition

Controversy over Pompeii funding Free

Politicians have allocated €8.2m for an archaeological survey that already exists

Unesco names new World Heritage sites

Inclusion of Arab and Caribbean locations, among others, seen as redressing North America/Europe bias

Missing still-life offered for reward

Painting from Florence was bartered during the war

Reims windows at forefront of stained-glass revival

Imi Knoebel’s abstract designs continue a trend that has radically altered the traditions of the “poor man’s Bible”

British Library to buy oldest original-bound book from Jesuits Free

St Cuthbert Gospel, regarded as a sacred relic, was not offered to Durham Cathedral, its former home

Pope backs Benedictine claim to Istrian monastery

Croatian priests and politicians reject Vatican ruling

Picassos and Mirós head home

Frax Foundation recovers work from missing heir

Moscow dig chief mocked over “fake” site

Protestors claim archaeology project is sham to prevent political protests


Leonardo dispute settled

Legal battle between dealers draws to a close

Decision on Hirsts leaves owners in a spin Free

Studio “switch in policy” over works previously auctioned for up to £73,250

Seeing spots Free

Gagosian plans Hirst catalogue and major multi-venue exhibition

Statue pulled from London sale was taken from listed building

Work returned to Austria pending clarification on status of contents

Private treaty sales legalised for houses

Auction law change in line with rest of Europe

Sotheby’s stands by James Murdoch Free

Record profits as investment in the US giving way to China

Art fund denies seizures

Castlestone says no works taken during regulator’s raid

Huge increase in demand for art appraisals

Works assessed for loan potential

Art market analysis: Who benefits from charity auctions? Free

A common refrain is that there are too many of these events, with too much low-value art

How to buy an Old Master in Italy without fear or frustration Free

Art dealer Giovanni Pratesi has got a whole city and the rigid export authorities to back Italy’s top art and antiques fair

Dynasty prepares to share its family secrets Free

In his first ever interview, the dealer and collector Helly Nahmad reveals details about the family collection, which goes on show in Zurich this month

You win some, you lose some…

How well did we anticipate the Old Master results? It depends how you look at it

You win some, you lose some…

How well did we anticipate the Old Master results? It depends how you look at it


The end of Dante Gabriel Rossetti

The complete correspondence of the pre-Raphaelite painter and poet has reached the last of its nine volumes

Art not made by artists

When artists subcontract technicians to make the works they design, who’s the artist?

What artists say they’re doing

Eight film and video artists talk about their work

Biggest and best

An up-to-date catalogue of the Constance I. and Ralph H. Wark Collection of Meissen porcelain

Books in Brief

Alexandre Cabanel: the Tradition of Beauty Andreas Blühm, Michel Hilaire et al Hirmer Verlag, £29.95 (hb)

The world of protection

A compendium of the many international legal documents on art, heritage and cultural safeguards

The Queen’s man gets personal

An inspiring selection (but don’t put it in your backpack)


Is art still a safe bet for investors? Free

As research from the last crisis shows, when investor confidence evaporates, all assets start to correlate, something many art market insiders like to forget

New York’s great museums could do better Free

The most basic element of accessibility [for museums] is to be open for as long as possible, to allow as many people as possible to visit


Demilitarised zone to protect shelled temple

Thai army cedes ground but future of Cambodian World Heritage site remains unresolved

Forgotten Titian to be restored

Overlooked masterpiece will be the subject of new research

Preserving a work by starving it of air Free

Anoxic storage can slow deterioration


Istanbul: the biennial with no name

The untitled 12th edition, inspired by Felix Gonzalez-Torres, reflects the political and the personal in art

Joining the social revolution

The Moscow Biennale focuses on history in the making

Only in New York

MoMA’s definitive De Kooning retrospective will not travel

Tripping the light fantastic

San Diego’s early start to Pacific Standard Time

Andy makes the news

Washington’s Warhol double bill

Not a pretty picture

Degas’s dancers take centre stage

Run rabbit run

Tate shows there’s more to Flanagan than jumping hares

Lights, camera, angst: Munch the modernist

The Norwegian artist’s love of photography and film explored

The sunny side of Munch

His college mural

Germany and Poland’s conflict resolution

A millennium of tension and vision of harmony

Gauguin and Polynesia: an Elusive Paradise

Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Copenhagen 24 September-31 December

Bankers with taste to spare

The place of art and commerce in Renaissance Florence

Papal Madonnamania

Raphaels reunited for the Pope’s German visit

Manhattan transfer on sale

Rare documents hail from New York to Liverpool

Postmodernist punch-up

When architects and designers got into trouble with the purists


Out of the ashes: the legacy of 9/11 Free

Ten years after the devastating attacks on New York, does the reconstruction do justice to the site, and to the victims?

Comment: Controversy, compromise and what might have been Free

The new World Trade Center site is going to be one very strange and unpleasant place, over-scaled and aggressively bereft of humane meaning

From attack to the death of Bin Laden Free

A timeline of the events that led to the rebuilding of the World Trade Center site

Replacing the twin towers Free

Details of the four skyscrapers planned for the new World Trade Center

Your first chance to see the “new” Leonardo Free

How the National Gallery negotiated a record eight loans including a long-lost canvas, Saviour of the World

Twisted ways of seeing Free

Carsten Höller has a PhD in insect communication, but he abandoned the rules of science for the “subjective experience” of art

The man who built a village for his sculpture

On the eve of his retrospective in Vienna, reclusive artist Walter Pichler offers a rare glimpse inside his Austrian farm


New York Diary


London Diary

The big beasts of art documentaries

James Fox, Waldemar Januszczak and Andrew Graham-Dixon go head to head

Remembering the victims Free

The heart of Ground Zero will be a memorial plaza and museum dedicated to the victims of the attacks

Leonardo’s Saviour of the World rediscovered in New York Free

The work was assumed lost until it turned up in an American private collection


To charge or what to charge? Free

As museums in Boston and New York put up prices, we ask who charges, and why

Rise and fall of the British Empire museum Free

As the scale of unethical disposals emerges, who knew what?

Rules for regional funding ripped up

Arts Council England will reward individual merit, scrapping the Byzantine “hub” system

One masterpiece can go a long way Free

Why blow the budget on a blockbuster when a single Caravaggio or Titian will bring in the crowds?

There’s always a risk Free

Single work shows don't always pay off

Before Facebook censors us, we’ll do it ourselves Free

Swedish photography gallery is latest to cover up explicit work

Boost for Berlin’s replica Schloss…

Projected cost of Humboldt Forum increases to €590m

Too rude to show? Free

Facebook's nudity ban often falls afoul of art groups

Closed for business on Amsterdam's Museumplein Free

Why part of the Stedelijk, most of the Rijksmuseum and all of the Van Gogh Museum will be shut too

Gathering crisis in Seville

Budget halved, battling politicians, the director of the city’s fine art museum says it’s a “tragedy”