Issue 266 - March 2015

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Hirst’s skull rears its head in Florence Free

Palazzo Vecchio exhibits diamond work

Abramovich’s $400m for St Petersburg docks Free

Billionaire will fund development of derelict site to include museums and galleries

Evidence grows of market revival

But despite strong headline sales, missed estimates and cautious collectors mean no return to wild days

Missing in action? The young journalist in at the birth of a movement Free

A century ago, an exhibition in London gave us the term post-impressionism. But who prompted Roger Fry to name it?

Case against Warhol Foundation withdrawn

Joe Simon-Whelan spent three years trying to prove authenticity of painting

Los Angeles scene comes to Soho

Two exhibitions reflect city’s growing status as cultural centre

Krens is off Guggenheim Abu Dhabi project

“Leadership role” appears to have passed to foundation’s director

Government cuts “may force Goldsmiths College to close”

The London institution is one of 22 arts universities facing 100% reductions in funding

Actionist collection offered to Courtauld

Long-term loan from British collector would gather controversial works in public

Tate’s bargain Matisse sculptures

Gallery paid £11,000 for“Backs” in 1957

Calls grow in Italy to put Pompeii under new management Free

Collapse of the House of the Gladiators highlights failures at the historic site

You too can be in the Biennale Free

Vittorio Sgarbi marks 150 years of unity with giant show

Hirst’s skull rears its head in Florence

Palazzo Vecchio exhibits diamond work

Deciding the fate of the “degenerate art”

Eleven modern sculptures were unearthed in Berlin

What makes Vienna Art Week unique?

Cocktails, auctions, tours of art stores and major shows help draw an international audience


Hard fight to keep Degas in Oxford

Pastel saved from Nazis to be sold

Dealer forced to stop sales

Munich gallery Terminus has been accused of copying works by artist Peter Anton

Art to get its own “stock exchange” Free

Firm will sell shares in works held by participating galleries

Houses on television

Firm will sell shares in works held by participating galleries

Flavin and Viola light works ruled “not art” Free

“Absurd” decision by European Commission means VAT of 20%, rather than 5%

Madoff gets sold off

Jewellery, watches, even shorts auctioned

New law puts finder’s fees in spotlight Free

Dealers risk arrest under act aimed at large-scale corruption

Dull evenings with broken records

Top modern pieces sell well, but there are not many about

Hard fights for big names

But the tempo was more waltz than jive

Classic at auction, contemporary at the fair

Latin American art sales continue to divide down commercial lines

Strong sales for Asian Art in London

Apart from the vase, there were other events in the UK capital

Turin’s Artissima good for young and old

New director praised for curatorial approach


The best books this year

Prominent figures in the art world recommend the best art books they read in 2010

Diaghilev the bountiful

Exhibition catalogue pays homage to the Russian impresario’s many talents

In betweeners

Portrait studies of contemporary US and British intellectuals

Full-bottomed wigs and the bodies underneath

The National Portrait Gallery’s catalogue of paintings from the accession of James I to the death of Queen Anne

Power and persuasion in the 1600s

How Stuarts and republicans fought the battle for hearts and minds

As significant as Le Brun

This updated monograph on Jean Jouvenet is invaluable, but could have been better

Size mattered—some of the time

How Italians established the prices of paintings

Two tales of two Venetians

Contrasting treatments of the lives and works of Tiepolo and Canaletto

Devilishly small details

The catalogue of the Marlborough gems

Words and pictures, words in pictures

A history and a study of the relationships between text and image

No more Robocop and Mickey Mouse

Why draughtsmanship is essential to making art


The 21st-century fall of Pompeii Free

It is time the politicians learned to respect the experts in which Italy abounds—giving them the authority and resources they need


Holy row between Israel and Unesco

The country temporarily suspends ties with the organisation over its labelling of West Bank sites

Cultural renaissance

Artist recreates Ming village

Stains, grime, quirky alterations and burst seams

Costume research investigates the public’s tolerance of dirt

Van Eyck’s Ghent Altarpiece under the microscope

The 15th-century polyptych is expected to be restored


“I am the samurai of art”

Jonathan Meese explains why he puts aggression and provocation centre stage—along with his mum


Istanbul’s culture blues Free

The ancient Turkish city’s tenure as a European Capital of Culture has been underwhelming to say the least. What went wrong?

The Art Newspaper’s second decade: benchmarks for 2000-2010

A politically tragic decade has nonetheless been good for much the public interest in art at a high and the frontiers of what is of the art world, with museums expanding and more crowded than ever, considered artistically interesting wider than at any time in history

Eastern European cities look to Tate Modern

Budapest, Zagreb and Warsaw raise their game with newer, bigger, better exhibition spaces

Inside Piranesi’s prisons

An immersive, digital film at the Fondazione Giorgio Cini reimagines the artist’s dark fantasies as if in three dimensions By Anna Somers Cocks

“I love to hear someone cutting cardboard”

For Design Miami’s Designer of the Year, the hands-on approach is still vital to his work

“Actors are playing us, but we might interfere”

Elmgreen and Dragset on splitting up but staying together and why they are putting their lives on stage By Clemens Bomsdorf

The unsung hero of Russian avant-garde art

New film tells the story of Ivor Savitsky’s Uzbekistan museum


Avoiding the cliché of combining old and new Free

Penelope Curtis on making more of Tate Britain’s building and rehanging the collection

China-Italy cultural coup Free

Governments agree to open exhibition spaces in Beijing and Rome

French President’s idea of history attacked

Critics accuse Sarkozy of chauvinism

Minister turns curator

National tour starts in Whitechapel

Donors’ dismay at red tape delays

Museums need government approval to spend philanthropists’ gifts

Central funding at risk

Non-national museums fear loss of grant-in-aid

What price Tate Modern?

Trustees’ £142m property deal

Avoiding the cliché of combining old and new

Penelope Curtis on making more of Tate Britain’s building and rehanging the collection

Serpentine moves in next door

Gallery to expand

East End meets Middle East

Prince of Wales backs Arabic cultural centre for London 2012

Modern Iranian art in the New York spotlight

First exhibition devoted to pre-revolutionary art to go on show in Asia Society, then tour North America

Prohibition in Denver

At artist’s museum

Clark’s cultural exchange with China

Oriental artefacts head west, European paintings go east

Berlin Kunsthalle: if at first you don’t succeed…

As the temporary Kunsthalle heads to Vienna, Berlin rethinks how best to showcase its young artists

Berlin returns works to Gdansk

But will Poland send back the Berlinka library

Laughing to the bank?

Icelandic museum fails to see funny side

Techno-design is go

Art Institute of Chicago and London’s V&A keep pace with digital creativity

Louvre’s first public appeal to buy Cranach

Saving France’s “national treasure”

Louvre Abu Dhabi to be strictly secular

Sacred masterpieces sans the religiosity