Issue 262 - November 2014

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Ivory ban hits museums hard

Loans difficult, acquisitions near impossible and no elephant saved

James Cuno's big and encyclopaedic idea Free

Getty president wants cultural heritage shared by global network of great museums

Wallace Collection’s back-of-the-sofa find

Figure hidden in upholstery is prized 19th-century Asante piece

V&A fights back against Islamic State

Director proposes network of museums to stop terrorists looting objects in Syria and trafficking them for sale in the West

When is nude too rude?

Growth in “revenge porn” legislation could criminalise artists and institutions working with naked images

Knoedler cases focus on due diligence

Court papers raise the question of who should have spotted fakes

The film Jeff Koons doesn’t want you to see

Documentary left out of Whitney retrospective after art world “bows before Koons’s scary power”

Picasso ‘theft’ pair to go on trial Free

Employee accused of retaining works worth €70m

Hong Kong saves its protest art

Projects begin to archive work by demonstrators

The last word? Landmark book reinstates 70 Rembrandts

Specialists greet scholar’s summary of 46-year project as debate over reattributions begins

Interview: the art of Armistice Free

A poppy for every British and Commonwealth soldier who died in the First World War

Art Market

Arts scene in downtown Los Angeles grows Free

Galleries, not developers, are driving the creation of new arts neighbourhoods in the city

Time to sign on the dotted line

Art sales are becoming ever more formalised

Art market gets a Chinn up

Investment banker and lawyer Adam Chinn joins leading art advisers

Dispute over works by British Pop artist

Spain’s Yago Hortal claims clothing from Preen’s Resort collection uses designs from four of his abstract paintings

Artist sues fashion label

Spain’s Yago Hortal claims clothing from Preen’s Resort collection uses designs from four of his abstract paintings

Bernheimer branches out

Expert in Old Masters celebrates its 150th anniversary with the launch of an agency for contemporary art

Records tumble for post-war Italian artists

The colour white proves particularly popular as Sotheby’s expert heralds “a new dawn for Italian art”

Hong Kong protests fail to dampen auctions

Prices fly despite democracy demonstrations

Playing fair? Gallery selection under scrutiny

Some say participating dealers have too much power over choosing who is in and who is out

Gallery gamble pays off Free

Eskenazi gets the Frieze crowds without exhibiting in its tents


Bologna’s Old Masters unveiled

The first two of 16 volumes in a scholarly project to publish in English the work of the “Bolognese Vasari”

All those new museums? Now, the facts… Free

A detailed analysis of more than 650 new institutions over the past 17 years

A little book of big Medieval subjects

Essays from a Norwegian forum that swiftly transcended its Scandinavian collection brief

Eton wall fame

A study of Odoardo Fialetti’s panorama of Venice, at the school

Writers, printers and picture-makers

The collaborative nature of the book in Renaissance Rome

Multifaceted Matisse

A batch of recent books on the artist

Benelux bonanza

The V&A’s complete catalogue of Early Netherlandish, Dutch and Flemish drawings from the 15th century to 1900

From threat to delight

The 18th-century taste for Turkish decoration


New York’s new ivory laws aim at the wrong market

Severely restricting the US trade in antique ivory will not help stop the slaughter of elephants in Africa

Did Marcel Duchamp steal Elsa’s urinal? Free

The founding object of conceptualism was probably “by a German baroness”, but this debate is rarely aired


Frank Lloyd Wright's 'Usonian' house rises again in Arkansas Free

Crystal Bridges museum finds just the spot for architect's Bachman Wilson House, formerly of New Jersey

Jackie O’s prized eagle has landed

Late First Lady did not want sculpture near White House to be moved—but it has now been conserved

Silver hoard gives Getty a golden opportunity

Scholars find “amazing” details in Roman treasure


Off the table soon? Free

Shows like the Met’s on Mannerist painter Bartholomeus Spranger could become a rare treat

Sneak a peek at the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi’s collection Free

Exhibition opening this week sheds light on the museum's acquisitions and curatorial framework

America and its love for El Greco

The 400th anniversary of the Greco-Spanish painter’s death draws to a triumphant close with new shows on the East Coast of the US

Copy cat

The camouflaged work of Elaine Sturtevant

Small is beautiful

Exhibition of Ron Nagle’s works makes a virtue of their scale

Metal revival

Gold and silver pieces are less valued than marbles, pottery and frescoes

Women, beauty, family and love Free

The Pérez Simón Collection of Victorian art travels to London

Artists on the Spanish front

Pallant House Gallery’s exhibition of Spanish Civil War art marks the 75th anniversary of the end of a misunderstood conflict

German Pop artists come clean Free

Exhibition opens in Frankfurt, includes artists overshadowed by Richter and Polke

Picture perfect

The Rijksmuseum reopens its Philips wing with a show of its Modern photography collection


Long dark night of the soul

Shooting after hours contributes to the hallucinatory feel of Ryan Trecartin’s dizzying films.

Conversations with Bacon

Grey Gowrie, a former UK arts minister, art dealer and chair of Sotheby’s and the Arts Council, is also a poet. To mark his 75th birthday, we print a poem about Francis Bacon.


After the fall Free

The demolition of the Berlin Wall had immediate effects on German life. But how did it affect artists?

The invisible wall in German art

Despite early attempts at reunification, the visual arts, unlike other disciplines, have remained divided between West and East

When museums came together

Berlin’s museums had always quietly kept in touch. After the Wall came down, they embraced.

Right there, right then, all at once

Mitte, in the former East Berlin, embodied the new artistic spirit of the city after the Wall.

89plus generation thrives in Berlin

Artists born since the fall of the Wall have flocked to work in Germany’s creative playground.

Fixing the sculptures the war broke

Many works in Berlin’s sculpture collections were damaged in 1945. But should they be left as a reminder of a dark past or restored to reflect the artists’ intentions?

Notes from a demolition

Over the years, many artists have tackled the subject of the Berlin Wall, its collapse and the subsequent effects on Berlin life. Here are five works in Berlin collections.


Why Mike Leigh turned to art

The British director on his acclaimed big-screen portrait of Turner—and the artist’s “box of tricks”.


Getty’s ancient world grows

Museum director plans to make acquisitions and secure long-term loans to expand the Getty Villa’s displays beyond Greece and Rome

Louvre Abu Dhabi to display pick of France’s collections

Besides individual works, the Gulf museum will borrow exhibitions from France for next 15 years

At Harvard, three become one Free

The college’s art is united under Renzo Piano’s roof

The man who put Cubism in the Met

Leonard Lauder reveals how he amassed a collection of works by Picasso, Braque, Gris and Léger with a museum in mind

Will the Chancellor back V&A’s Olympian vision?

Art and design museum with space for London’s biggest exhibitions could open by 2020, subject to funding

Launch of Hermitage-Urals

Satellite planned in city that was a safe haven for art and staff during the war

Back to the start line

Jockey Club rejects Central Police Station partners


René Burri

The photographer and ex-president of Magnum