Middle East must tackle looting

Conflict in Iraq and Syria is also exploited by forgers of the region’s Modern art

How Reynolds ‘improved’ a Rembrandt

Susanna and the Elders was substantially changed by the English portrait painter

Escape from New York

Ongoing gentrification of the city is forcing artists to flee in search of cheap studio space

Heat but little light in fakes case

Dispute over works allegedly by Malevich, Suetin and Chashnik drags on

Cathedral’s hunt for stolen Bible pages worth £1m

Eight could have been taken in past 150 years

Warburg ‘safe’ after legal ruling

But University of London also claims victory—and costs could be up to £1m

Swiss funds help Paris arts hub get off the ground at last

Entrepreneur funds €150m project to build arts centre on derelict island in the Seine that once housed Renault car factory

Break-up of English Heritage ‘shrinks public domain further’

Management of properties effectively privatised as government plans to cut funding completely by 2022

Biennial hoping to heal New Orleans provides no easy answers

Third edition of Prospect shows it has the potential to become the nation’s leading biennial—if only more money flowed down the Delta

What will happen to the arts now?

Republican gains could mean policy change

What will happen to the arts now?

Republican gains could mean policy change

Art Market

Situation vacant

Key staff have left the Fine Art Society, putting pressure on its chairman

The great African art buy-back

Sindika Dokolo is offering collectors what they paid. And no more

Sotheby’s breaks its own record…

Impressionist and Modern sale is most valuable yet

…while Christie’s breaks everybody’s records

Single most expensive auction in history is another step towards a billion-dollar sale

Museums boost, market wobbles

Despite critical reappraisal and record sales in May, last month’s auctions of work by Keith Haring fell flat

Sotheby’s steals a march with Churchill’s paintings

Items offered are from the estate of the prime minister’s daughter Mary Soames

Thumbs up for Artissima

The Italian economy may be moribund, but the fair remains strong


Meet the men of might

The impact of Philippe de Montebello, Kenneth Clark and Ernst Gombrich on the 20th-century art world

El Greco’s Counter-Reformation ‘artful icon’

A new theory claims that the artist’s Italian years shaped his mature style

Master portrait painter out of the shadows

A new exhibition and catalogue give Giovanni Battista Moroni the recognition he deserves

An anatomy of Venice

The Biennale inspires a detailed examination of the fabric of the city

Christ’s sad infancy

Prefigurations of death in Renaissance depictions of Jesus’ Nativity


Syria and Iraq’s neighbours can help contain the looting

Securing the borders of the two war-torn countries could hamper the antiquities smugglers

How private museums can end up baffling the public

The Aga Khan’s new museum in Toronto presents a one-sided view of Islam compared with public counterparts


Egypt reopens tomb as tourism falls

Minister increases public access in attempt to reverse post-revolution slump

V&A casts new light on plaster casts

Refurbished gallery reopens after conservators clean 19th-century plasters and uncover their makers’ pioneering techniques

Out in the open—and under threat

Land art, from huge installations to ancient rock art, must battle the elements, development and vandalism to survive

Out in the open—and under threat

Land art, from huge installations to ancient rock art, must battle the elements, development and vandalism to survive


Indian biennial’s second chance

“Its strength is its fragility,” says the artistic director of the Kochi-Muziris Biennale

How to have fun in church

A comprehensive survey of the little known Bavarian Rococo

The misfit who fitted in

Paula Modersohn-Becker’s achievements are steadily gaining greater recognition

Fifty years of finding herself

ZKM presents first major Hershman Leeson retrospective

Russia’s dynamic duo

Show explores Rodchenko and Stepanova partnership

Blake’s London studio goes to Oxford

The Ashmolean Museum recreates the artist’s Lambeth home where he made his most accomplished works

The unlikely lads

Jeremy Deller brings together Warhol and Morris

Conservation of biblical proportions

The newly restored first volume of the Winchester Bible gets a rare display at the Met

Lessons from the Hudson River School

It wasn’t really a school, and the artists mostly worked in Manhattan studios

Fairs Auctions

Here come the girls

Women artists dominate Art Basel Miami Beach’s new “Survey” section


Rebuilding Manhattan: Josef Albers’s destroyed Modernist mural

After his mural fell victim to a change in public tastes, there is renewed interest in the Bauhaus artist’s work.

Here comes the mirror man: Douglas Gordon

The Scottish artist is flooding New York’s Park Avenue Armory to create a giant looking-glass surrounding the pianist Hélène Grimaud.


Where art and politics meet

Cultural destruction, the bullying of scholars, 9/11 remembered and other front-page news

Six disruptions to the classic art market

Changes were amplified, directions were unpredictable and the future is clouded.

From the web to the gallery

Online-based work and “post-internet art” are among the year’s most striking developments.

Rising stars

Outstanding new talent from the international art world, in the physical and digital realms

My top 10 shows of the year

A New York critic chooses his personal highlights from the past 12 months.

Shiny, new and still waiting for visitors

Billionaire tycoons were behind several ambitious museums planned for 2014 but some schemes were more successful than others.

Other museum openings this year

From Islamic art in Canada to controversy in Paris

No war, but still at risk

Development, tourism and neglect endanger sites as much as conflict and natural disasters.

The Art Newspaper global digest

The top stories from our sister papers in China, Russia, France, Greece, and Italy


Outsiders go to Washington Free

National Gallery of Art focuses on the significance of America’s self-taught artists for the nation’s mainstream Modern art

Musée d’Orsay reveals pick of its acquisitions

Director takes pride in adding 4,000 works

Cooper Hewitt puts can-do spirit into the house Carnegie built

Smithsonian Design Museum reopens with array of high-tech displays

Armouries lowers the flag at Kentucky outpost

Loan deal ends that failed to raise a dollar in funds

Stalemate over Brussels Modern

Regional and federal divide stalls Citroën plan

Singapore recruits leading Australian curator

Expert in Southeast Asian art joins team creating new national gallery for 2015


Sheikh Saud bin Mohammed bin Ali al-Thani

Collector and museum builder who did much to enrich cultural life in Qatar