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Issue 2, Saturday, 25 May 2013  | Download this issue

Brand new: the name is the game in Hong Kong

Whether you’re an artist, a gallery or even the biggest fair in town, it’s all about recognition

News and analysis

Chinese ink makes a big splash

Contemporary artists are breathing new life into an old art form

East or West: it’s how you look at it…

"Over 50%” of the galleries at Art Basel Hong Kong are from Asia and the Asia-Pacific region, but defining what that means can be difficult

Paris Pinacothèque will open $24m outpost in Singapore

Offshoot of Parisian private museum bringing Old Masters and Modern art to a pop-up space from September, before opening permanent home in historic Fort Canning building

Also in this issue

No art museum in Hong Kong for two years

The Hong Kong Museum of Art due to close for renovations from 2015


China’s new museum to shine bright

Sifang Art Museum in the eastern Chinese city of Nanjing due to open in October

Sale of cow dung supports charity

Not Vital sculptures sold at the fair go towards a school in Niger

LA power curator turns dealer

Former MoCA chief named partner of new gallery, Hauser Wirth & Schimmel

Pity the poor privileged ‘After 80s’ artists

China’s rising generation of only children struggles with the idea of artistic collaboration—and the burden of their parents’ expectations


Absolutely fabulous

The Hong Kong-based artist Adrian Wong has created an outlandish, immersive art bar, part of the Absolut Art Bureau series, in the basement of Hong Kong’s Fringe Club. The installation, Wun Dun, which draws on the layered history of the city,...


The travails of Ai Weiwei

In 2011, the artist Ai Weiwei was arrested by Chinese authorities on charges of posing a threat to national security. He was released 81 days later, but the harassment did not end there. A new documentary looks at Ai’s life following his release and the troubles he has faced since. “I have a difficult life,” he says in the film. “It doesn’t make me weaker or stronger. I just have to face it.”

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