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Putin announces investment in Crimea, stressing ‘inseparable links’ to Russia

Russian President chooses Chekhov House Museum to meet cultural leaders of recently annexed region

Russian President Vladimir Putin (right) and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev (left) visit Anton Chekhov's House-Museum in Yalta. Photo: DMITRY ASTAKHOV/AFP/Getty Images

Russian President Vladimir Putin was in Crimea last week, and made a point of visiting the Chekhov House Museum in Yalta.

Crimea was a special place for the author and playwright, he reminded a group of Crimea’s cultural leaders. “I wanted us to meet here so that we could remember the cultural and historic heritage of Crimea, which is inseparably linked to the culture and history of Russia,” Putin said. Anton Chekhov wrote some of his best-known works, including “The Cherry Orchard”, in the dacha he built in the coastal resort towards the end of his life.

Putin referred to other Russian luminaries associated with the region: Pushkin, Tolstoy and Gorky. And he singled out “another unique museum in Crimea” in the home of the Kiev-born poet and painter Maximilian Voloshin.

Earlier on Thursday, 14 August, Putin addressed the State Duma deputies and federal ministers in Yalta where, according to the Kremlin website, he announced that over the next six years Rb700bn [around $19.5bn] would be injected into the region, which was annexed from Ukraine by Moscow in March. Cultural tourism was a priority, he said, as “only the cultural and historic heritage of Crimea creates its true spirit”. A rich cultural life will help make Crimea as famous and attractive as it used to be, he said.

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19 Aug 14
16:55 CET


'The time has come,' the walrus said, 'to talk of many things: of shoes and ships - and sealing wax - of cabbages and kings.' Lewis Carroll Why do I always feel like I've gone down the Rabbit Hole when I hear the comments made about art by politicians,oligarchs, plutocrats and auction houses. Art is always the first thing they grab or the first thing they destroy. Insert picture of the Queen of Hearts here___

18 Aug 14
19:8 CET


"only the cultural and historic heritage of Crimea creates it`s true spirit"- Putin can`t stop dictating or lying . He could also make Russia as" attractive as it used to be" by installing giant,beautiful,colourful Pussy Riot art sculptures in Moscow. You`d think Hirst or Koons would be making some- but not even a sketch from any of our most celebrated artists! In the 21st century it`s female artists who are advancing art aesthetically and in thought provoking forms. The uber-oligarchs/collectors/curators find them too hot to handle ? Such is the gilded destitution of most of our world leaders.TheIr sublime now turned quotidian.

16 Aug 14
18:2 CET


Surprised that TAN sees this as a step forward for global culture when Russia has taken a step backward in the world to establish a hegemony based on the greed that can erupt from the greed of hubris driven by the past. You might want to draw more attention to the irony versus the obvious. If Putin admires Chekov he should also listen to the words the Cherry Orchard.

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